The "Tech Visa" program

"Tech Visa" is a certification program for technological and innovative companies for the purpose of granting visas or residence permits to highly qualified third-country nationals who wish to develop their activity therein.

The "Tech Visa" program aims to ensure that qualified staff from outside the European Union, especially from the technological areas, can access jobs created by Portuguese companies in a simplified way. The program is aimed at technological and innovative companies, inserted in the global market, wishing to attract qualified and specialized staff to Portugal.

The conditions for granting a residence permit for a highly qualified activity are set out in Article 90 of Law 23/2007 of July 4 in its current version, and as such, visa applications under the "Tech Visa" comply with the criteria established therein.

In the scope of the "Tech Visa" program, section c) of the aforementioned article provides for the presentation of a term of responsibility of a certified company in the terms defined by Administrative Rule no. 328/2018 of December 19, which establishes the certification criteria companies' obligations, and the eligibility requirements of highly skilled workers.

Within the scope of the powers provided for in the regulations for the "Tech Visa" program, IAPMEI - Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, I.P. is the entity responsible for the process of certification of companies and execution of the program, making available to certified companies a form for the issuance of a term of responsibility to contracted workers, which is a mandatory document for the instruction of the application for a residence visa or a residence permit.

The list of certified companies, provided for in no. 2 of article 8 of Ordinance no. 328/2018 of December 19, will also be made available and updated on the IAPMEI website.

Lastly, it should be reiterated that the information provided does not invalidate or replace the evaluation to be carried out by the consular posts and the Aliens and Borders Service (SEF), in connection with the procedures for granting an entry visa or a residence permit.